SERVICE, Our Goal:

We serve the eastern half of the country from three locations:

—     Celina, OH     —

 —     Sterling, MA     —

—     Tampa, FL     —

Certified Boom Repair Service is exclusively in the BOOM REPAIR BUSINESS.  We understand the impact of downtime on your equipment and your customers.  We’ll give you a delivery date before you make your decision, and “move mountains” to deliver on that date.  SERVICE is OUR GOAL!

Our Repair Facility:

Our repair facility is almost 14,000 square feet and is equipped with 16 foot doors, 25 foot tall ceiling with an 80 foot span and a 10 ton bridge crane.  Our biggest fork lift is 30,000.  Between this and our other equipment, we haven’t found anything to date that we can’t tear down and repair.

Our newly equipped service truck will come to your job site for lacing replacement and other minor damage.  Main chord replacement and plate sections on hydraulic booms should be done in the shop in a controlled environment where the boom can be jigged down to a level platform.  We service all of the East Central United States.

Recertification: OSHA Title 29 CFR 1926.1400 –

With proper procedures and documentation, we guarantee that your boom is recertifiable to OSHA 29, CFR Part 1926.1400by an “Independent”, fully accredited agency.


In addition to our Recertification Guarantee, we simply guarantee our repairs are professional and proper.  Our repairs are guaranteed against defective workmanship for as long as you own the crane.


  • American Welding Society (AWS)

  • American Crane Boom Rebuilders Association (ACBRA)

  • Crane Certification Association of America (CCAA)

Comments From Our Past Customers

“We’ve used Certified Boom Repair a number of times over the last 10+ years and are very satisfied with the quality, service, and pricing of thier work.”
–David Short – Gold Coast Crane Service – Hollywood, FL

“Certified Boom Repair Service Northeast has completed a number of major boom repair projects for us on both lattice boom and hydraulic crane.  Their workmanship and service have been excellent.  We have referred other crane owners to Certified Boom Repair and will continue to do so.”
–Ronald “Rocky” Copp – Transportation Manager for Reed & Reed, Inc. – Woolwich, MA

“I would like to recomment Midwest Certified Boom Repair for their excellent service and quality.  They are a top rate company with my greatest admireation and appreciation for the work they do!”
–Duane E. Johnson – President of American Crane & Millwright Service, Inc. – Kokomo, IN