A Complete Boom Repair Service

Certified Boom Repair Service will undertake boom repairs both in the field (primarily lacing replacements), or in one of our fully-equipped repair facilities in Celina, Ohio, Tampa, Florida, or Sterling, Massachusetts.



Quality: A “non-compromisable” requirement

Welding procedures are “pre-qualified,” or custom designed by a licensed engineer.  Personnel are certified to weld to 100,000 psi yield steel per AWS D14.3 “MIG,” “TIG,” or “STICK.”


  • When steel is replaced, we can provide lab testing results showing chemical and physical properties of the boom’s original steel.
  • Mill run specifications on replacement steel showing compatibility.
  • Documented welding procedures (normally AWS D14.3 pre-qualified).
  • Technicians AWS certified to the procedure and material utilized.
  • Documented Non-Destructive Testing showing compliance with AWS D14.3 (or appropriate code), Normally Ultra Sonic, X-Ray, or Magnetic Particle.

When the Boom’s Damaged:

First determine if it’s repairable and recertifiable, and then rely on experienced, professional repairmen!

Boom repair is our only business.  We specialize in repairing booms to meet or exceed original factory specifications.  Due to the high liability exposure associated with crane repairs, we are a conservative operation.  When possible, our repairs are accomplished in accordance with manufacturers’ published procedures.  Our approach in those cases when factory repairs are not recommended is to assume that at some point in the future, an operator may overstress the boom to failure.  If we can design and document a procedure which insures that if/when that occurs, we are 100% certain the failure occurs somewhere other than where our repairs were made, we’ll take the job.  If not, then we’re unable to be of assistance.  We’ve repaired almost 3,000 booms at the Ohio location since 1995.  We carry product liability insurance.  We guarantee our work (we’ll provide numerous references upon request).  Our ethics are irreproachable.

Whether it’s tubular or angle “lattice type,” or any hydraulic type boom — we’ve successfully repaired and had recertified the boom you’ve damaged.

Stock Material:

We stock several sizes of DOM and high strength tubing rounds and squares.  Some sizes of T-1 angle, some metric angle and squares as well.  Plates ranging from 10 gauge to 1-1/4″ most in 514 and Domex.

Financial Considerations:

Most damaged booms are repaired for 25 to 70 percent of their replacement cost in two to six weeks.  Since the tax revisions of 1986, the investment tax credit on new equipment is gone, and depreciation schedules are less attractive.